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These people are liars and anyone who says the company is legit and it's just their employees that are *** is a liar as well.I not only got the same exact BS story as was told to folks in IA and CA from a young woman who came to my door in Missouri but I caught her in a couple of other lies myself.

(They always end up contradicting themselves in some way.) I still wrote the check as I told my son to google the company. He said I was starting to act like a creepy real life Hannibal Lecter or Dr Lightman when he handed me the phone and I cheerfully told her about all the fraud reports they had online. When I finally ripped the check up she acted as horrified as if she had seen a ghost and fled my house almost in tears. I then notified the police.

Beware because they'll probably change their company name ...wouldn't you?

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"Beware because they'll probably change their company name ...wouldn't you?"

That is pretty funny. The company "United Circulation LLC" has had the same name since 2007 and they don't plan on changing it, ever.

You should do better research before you post slander.

The company is not the one scamming you. Unfortunately, they have no idea that the Independent Contractor's are going around giving out false information until they receive phone calls in the office. Next time, instead of writing this vomit on the internet, why don't you call the office and tell them that there is an agent misrepresenting them. The more people call in and inform the company about this, the faster those lying pieces of garbage can be terminated.

United Circulation is a ripoff scam...

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They send young kids to rip you off for a so called trip that they need to sell magazines subscriptions.It's a total rip-off.

Horrible scammers that use young kids to take your money and run. If they come to your home ask them all kinds of questions about the school they are supposedly attending. They will not know any of the answers. They do not live in your neighborhood and are very convincing.

The company does not answer their phone. They have voice mail and do not call you back. BEWARE!!!

Horrible, horrible, people.Magazines subscriptions..NOT

Review about: Magazines.


South Lake Tahoe, California, United States #747611

Straight from the BBB. They are actually working on improving their grade. They went from an F to a C.

This company has a pattern of complaints regarding deceptive sales practices. According to information provided by consumers, United Circulation is a door-to-door magazine subscription sales company. Individuals who have filed complaints are from states across the country and are not Iowa residents. Complainants allege they are misguided by the sales representatives who states they are trying to raise money for school related trips or other school sanctioned functions. Many consumers also report they are told the proceeds go to wounded Iraq Veterans. They later learn that the sales representatives are not local students representing a local school and often times they learn the the company does not have required city permits to solicit in their town.

The company has responded to our inquiries by providing the BBB with a copy of their sales script. In response to the allegations of sales staff claiming to raise money for local schools or veterans, the company states they hire independent contractors. Use of such tactics are not part of United Circulation's sales script and are not condoned by the company.

- See more at: http://www.bbb.org/iowa/business-reviews/sales-and-order-books/united-circulation-in-cedar-falls-ia-32020668#sthash.6V0tgH65.dpuf

San Diego, California, United States #721056

So I looked up this company after some strange kid left my house and all I have to say is wow.This is one of the MANY links that popped up after a google search.

The first few links are to this company's website. I think a lot of you people would avoid a lot of trouble by calling these people or emailing them. I ordered a magazine earlier this year, didn't get it, so I called and guess what? I am now getting my subscription to Turtle Magazine.

Easy as that. This company has nothing to do with the liars that come to your door. Those "liars" are independent contractors and don't even work for United Circulation.

This company processes orders and handles customer service for those that are selling door to door.

La Mesa, California, United States #669068

Wow. First of all I want to start off by saying that I totally felt like this kid that came to my door was taking advantage of me being stressed out. Looking back now, he really was just trying to be nice to me. I don't know if he was being nice so he could make a sale, but he was a sweetheart. He offered to help me bring in my groceries while I got the kids inside. I don't really know what I was thinking to let a random stranger into my house. I let him help me and I listened to his spiel. He said that he had to earn so many points and he could win an all expense paid vacation to where ever he wanted to go. He said he wanted to go to Hawaii. He also said there were at least 200 other people doing the same contest so he had to get the most points or someone else would win. HE told me that he makes commission off of each sale to help pay for traveling expenses like hotels, gas, and food. I was a little skeptical at first and I though maybe he would just rip me off but I placed an order for Boys Life magazines. Two years for $48. The prices are jacked up obviously. I asked him about it and he said its because they have to make make money to afford traveling and the company needs to make money so they can give out the prizes to the agents. I guess the trip is the grand prize. They can also win cash, TV's, phones, computers...

The only thing I am really disappointed about is that he lied to me about where he lived. He said he was one of my neighbors grand kids and that he was staying with them. I would have still bought from him if he said he lived in Alabama. At first I wanted to cancel the order. I called the office number on the receipt and a lady answered the phone. She told me that they are in a contest and basically verified everything he had told me. I asked her why he lied about where he lived and she said that the sales people often fell like they won't make any sales if they say where they are really from. She also offered to cancel my order for me since he had lied. I told her no because everything she told me was the same thing he told me except for the whole residency thing.

I am receiving my magazine. I do not feel like I was ripped off. I am glad I helped this kid earn some points. If it cost $48 dollars to have a nice conversation with a stranger, then the magazine was a bonus. I will definitely help someone from this company again.

For those of you that only use the internet to make bad reviews, do yourself a favor and call these people or send them an email. They even have a website that you can get more information on them.

Katy, Texas, United States #636770

What a freaking scam!!!this kid came to my door and totally lied to my face!

He said he was the grandson of a dr that lived around the corner! Lie! He charged me double what he charged my neighbor! I'll never know if you get the product because he said he was having magazines sent to soldiers!

Lie! Then I checked on this so called team he played for......doesn't exist!! Lie!

This company should be ashamed!!!!!


You people should really call the office if there is a problem.I don't know what the original poster was talking about when she said that the office never calls back.

I have made several phone calls to these people and if they didn't answer it was because it was after business hours or they were at lunch. I always left a message and always received a call back.

And guess what?I did get my magazines.


My son sales nagazines for this conpany he has sent me 4 of them he may lie but i know people get what they buy and enjoedy helping other people suceed so im a supporter of this company


I enjoy having young adults come and tell me stuff idc what they say as long ad they r polite


A young man came to my door and told me he was doing somthing for some team.He asked me if I liked sports?

Of course I said yes of course Lol He said that everyone was helping out and that he needed everyone to help to win a trip somwhere. I picked 2 out for around a hundred dollars, then he thanked me and made me laugh the whole time. I then asked him how much money he made on it he then said that it all depends on how people help him out. He then decided to ask me about my neighbors so I asked him where he lived he told me that he stays in a hotel and that he looks at what he does as being a paid actor.

Everything that he told me about his grandparents was only an icebreaker nothing serious.

I enjoyed helping this young man just for the simple fact that he made my day.I say we should look at them as doing what they have to do to survive day to day living on the road.


its not a scam u actually get your magazines i work for the company and i ordered me mags and i got everyone of them it takes a while to get them but u do get them so shut up and stop complaining!!! :(


A kid came telling me he was a police officer's son.He is going to London.

I should have confronted the kid when I saw him in the rain two hours later.After reading about this company it is clear he scammed me.


Definitely the sales person was a liar!She told several different lies about being comnnected to the local school and several neighbors were told differnt things.

She just happened to pick the wrong people to try to scam!You are right about them not calling back...they won't because they know they are crooked!


I don't know what you people are complaining about. I love these people and I have been buying magazines from them for years. Yeah, maybe what they say at the door is a little bogus but, I always get my magazines and every time I have called the office, the staff was extremely friendly...


One of these sales people came to my 80 yr old father's home and scammed him out of $168.

A) She claimed her grandparents lived down the street. They DO NOT.

B) She claimed the subscriptions would be donated to Walter Reed Army Hospital - I contacted them and this was untrue.

C) I left a message requesting a call back and have not received one.

We stopped the check, closed the account, filed a fraud alert & notified local pd. $168 for magazines?????

These scammers were in the Bryan/College Station, Texas area recently. People who lie to build report make me sick!


Yes dont let them in your home will rob you. I had Matt Maio come to my door he robed me blind and has been turned over to police. He was arresetd in 2007.2009 and agin 2011 they have crimanls coming to your door don't anser your door very dangerous people!!!!


These kids, 18-21, came to my door selling magazine subscriptions stating that they are my neighbors' children. My neighbors just moved in and I have not met them and since we live in a kid friendly neighborhood in which children are constantly selling for their schools and other functions I did not doubt them. Unfortunately I purchased 2 subscriptions only to meet one of my neighbors 10 minutes later and find out that not only are they not her kids but they told her they were mine and she bought magazines as well. I hopped in my car thinking that they couldn't have gotten far and maybe I could find them and get my check back. I didn't find them so I came home and Googled the company and found that I had more than likely been duped.

I immediately checked my receipt and called the 866 number listed. Of course the phone call went directly to a voicemail stating that they had closed 3 minutes prior to my call and to leave my receipt # and the ID of the student and that they would contact me during normal business hours. So....I just got off the phone with my bank, had to cancel my check, checking account, file a fraud complaint, and put an alert on the old account. According to my bank lots of these people just want the account information on your check so that they can make fake checks and make fraudulent purchases in your name.

I don't know whether this company is completely legit or not and I am not saying that they will take your money and run, but I don't want to find out the hard way. All of the above has taken place in the last hour so I will update this post if anything happens that could help anyone else out.


Wow people these days are so rude!!Everything now days are SCAMS!!The freakin IRS is a scam!Everyone has a job and has to do what u have to do to make money..I used to sell magazines when I was 19-21 and it was the best job in the world!!Wish I could still do it now but im way to old..I actually had a kid from united circulation stop by and I asked him for his repecite and called the company to make sure it wasnt a scam and I bought 4 magazine and have actually recieved them!If any kid from united circulation comes to my house again i will deff buy a magazine from them!This company is not a scam!!


Email them, you can get a refund:



We got ripped off on these subcriptions.

How can we get our money back.



2 teenagers asking for $42 for magazines to send to Iraq and raise money for a school trip to England.I put a stop on the check and called the police.

The police has several reports about the same 2 people.

I searched the internet and there are plenty of reports of the same scam from United Circulation.***!!!!!


I worked for United Circulation for 3 months, and I can say that this company DOES NOT employ kids. The youngest guy was 21, hardly a child. Also, I just called their number and it clearly states to email them..After a quick email, I got a response back in about 10 mins.

These people get paid and sell magazines. The only rip off I have seen, is when the company owners hire people that can't get a job elsewhere, and those people lie and steal from people, which gives them a bad name.

You will find that the people who run United Circulation, are very good people. It's the *** that lie to make the sales.

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